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Hi dear, I would more that happy to assist you dear on this. Let me explain to u yeah.

In Sugardoll Shampoo, it does contain ginseng extract and anagain which will help  a little bit in reducing you hairfall problem. But Sugardoll Shampoo is not really being formulated specialize in treat hairfall problem and in fact any Shampoo will not able to grow the new baby hair dear.

If you are really seriously wanted to treat your hairfall problem deeply, you must start with Sugardoll Basic set (Vitamin & Tonic) 1st.because Sugardoll Vitamin is really being formulated to supply back all the nutrient lost in our body. It also will make your hair root become stronger.

I am more than happy knowing I got to help you not only in reducing your hairfall but it makes your baby hair grow more and faster from normal rate. 🙂

Hi dear, poor you and I bet u must fell really uncomfortable with that. to answer your question, YES !!! Sugardoll shampoo is really suit you dear. and i bet after 1st wash, you willbe dancing in the toilet as u will feel that your scalp is super duper clean !!!

and why because

  • Sugardoll shampoo is paraben and silicon free. Sugardoll Shampoo also called as DETOX shampoo.
  •  Sugardoll shampoo contain charcoal extract. It will do a deep cleansing of your scalp. And once our scalp is detox, the tonic will absorb better and easy.
  • Sugardoll conditioner will treat your dry, rough and damage hair,

The honest answer from me is NO. Because here is the fact:

  •  Vitamin is actually helping folicle growth from inside. Vitamin is actually a fertilizer to our hair. Folicle = vase. if you want to plant a tree, but u do not have a vase. can u actually do that? Once the follicle is exist and become healthier, you will have higher chance for the baby hair to grow up more and faster


  •  Tonic is to support the baby hair growth from outside. Tonic is just like the water to a plant. if your just give your plant a fertilizer without water, can your plant survive?


  •  Sugardoll shampoo is just to do the cleansing and deep detox of your scalp. to ensure better absorption once you apply the tonic after your wash hair day.

Hi dear, I believe you has ben trying so much tonic brand in the market already. am i right? is it work for you dear? I don’t think so, because that why you are here right?

why basic set being formulated in a set? because in order for a baby hair to grow, it need the fertilizer (Vitamin) and water (tonic). It similar to our plant. it will die if you supply the fertiizer only without the water. or supply the water only without the fertilizer.

that’s why the basic set come in 2 item. they are completing each other

Yes. you can. Sugardoll vitamin also contain folic acid which is good in helping promoting the baby cell growth.

For breastfeed mom, u can start after 2 weeks of your confinement day

For pregnant mom, you can start from 16 weeks and above.

Yes dear, you can of course !! Sugardoll Vitamin is not a hormonal based supplement. Sugardoll Vitamin is a multivitamin. In fact, we actually need to support our body especially during period.

If you are using Sugardoll tonic, please do not mix it with other any oil based product such as argan oil and etc. Because Sugardoll tonic is water based. oil and water does not mix well.

if you are taking our supplement, it advisable for you to at least leave a gap minimum 3 hours between the suppliment. Do not take them at the same time.

Yes dear. The KKM No. being stated at the description beside the title(in bracket).

Yes dear, Sugardoll will still work but less effective.

logically, you are taking supplements but killing it back with cigarette and smoking.

For normal people, by consuming 1 box only, they will be able to see baby hair is growing like cray, but for your case you may need 2 box or more to see your tiny cutie mutie baby hair.

However, afraid note dear, as authorized agent, we have our “little secret”that can make your Sugardoll works as fast as normal people. Just WhatsApp us directly at 011-35225464. we are more than happy to assist

Sugardoll vitamin contain fibersol-N. Main functionis to detox and help with your digestion system. Digestion system is not only go to the toilet, but it also by sweating and pimples.

Therefore, if you experience pimples after consume Sugardoll Vitamin, what you can do is reduce from 2 tablet/ day to 1 tablet/day. you can always increase it back to 2 tablets/day you feel comfort.

It is not a common case to happen, that’s mean you are the lucky one consider Sugardoll is balancing back your body.

And, if you cannot commit yourself 2 liter water a day, that also one of the cause too.