ESP Protein Shaklee

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Benefit of ESP protein :

♥ Improved skin condition and complexation

♥ Shaping the body. Making your asset more visible and smooth.

♥ Fasten the process in loosing weight and firmed, tighten the skin as well.

♥ Milk booster for breastfeed mom.

♥ Made you looking younger than your actual age.



Who Need ESP protein?

♥ Pregnant mommy

♥ Who is very concern on skin condition, skin tone and complexation

♥ More than 50 years old and above

♥ Student

♥ Always feel very tired

♥ always wanted to loose weight


Why you need to choose ESP protein compare to other Protein?

♥ ESP protein is plant based which is easier to digest and soft to the stomach compare to animal’s protein.

♥ ESP protein made from plant based which is free from fat compare to animal’s protein.

♥ ESP protein is zero cholesterol compare to animal’sprotein.

♥ Supplied 9 types of amino acid needed and cannot be produce by our own body

♥ High in Calcium which is very beneficial to the bone, teeth and nerves.


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