Flush in Honey

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Flush in honey is a detox drink to

  • detox all the toxin in your body
  • reduce any inflammation or redness on your skin due to sunburn/ pimples / wrongly use skincare product
  • loose weight
  • flat tummy
  • brighter skin

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1) What is the ingredient of the Flush in Honey?

All ingredient use is organic. Lemon, ginger and honey


2) How many pouch inside a box?

10 pouch in 1 box


3) How long 1 box last?

This is depends on individual use and need. Some people love to do daily detox so they can consume 1 pouch daily. and it last for 10 days. But some just need to do detox once they feel that they have eat a lot of junk food in that day. so its really depend on individual. but if u are seriously in losing weight then 1 pouch/day is highly recommended.


4) Will I having a stomachache after taking these?

You will not feel a severe stomachache. You will feel like going to the toilet as normal. Just drink more water ok.


5) I have diabetic , can i consume this?

Our ingredient is very natural whic generally is safe for all. Howver, if u have any concern, u can always show these product to your doctor before you consume it ok.


6) Should I stop while I am having my menstrual?

You can still continuing consume it as we are not hormonal product.


7) Can breastfeed mom/ preggy mom consume it?

Yes can, it is very safe and it will not give any effect to your child. In fact, if you are a breastfeeding mommy, you will lose weight even faster.


8) Do this product has KKM approved

Yes, we have KKM approved.


9) How to consume it?

Just open the cap and drink directly from the pouch. and the taste is so good.

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