Frizz Me Not Hair Serum

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Frizz Me Not Hair Serum (NOT180805435K)

This is your saviour On-the-go. The feel is not oily at all. Suitable for coloured, bleached, straighten and perm hair. It smell very good and long lasting fragrance. Benefit of the hair serum :

  • Treat frizzy hair
  • Treat damage hair
  • Treat dry hair
  • make your hair soft and silky

Usage : Up to 2 month

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Active Ingredient:

Combination of 9 different oils to smooth and fortify hair fibers and improve manageability.

  • Sunflower oils
  • Argan oils
  • Macadamina oils
  • Linseed oils
  • Avocado oils
  • Olive oils
  • Coconut oils
  • Vitamin E oils
  • Amaranthus caudatus

How to use: Pump 2-3 and apply at bottom of your hair. Can be use daily and as often that you needed.

Beauty Tips: You can apply it before your bedtime, and tight your hair as loose bun. You gonna experience  a volume, softer, shinier and smell good every time your woke up. You will definitely love it !

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1 review for Frizz Me Not Hair Serum

  1. Aishah

    Love the smell !!! Wangi giler !! Saya pakai sebelum tidur. Memang husband suka bau die. Yang paling best, hair serum ni langsung tak berminyak. Bau die sampai bangun esok pagi still ada . Bangun pagi je rambut jadi lembut beralun. 🙂

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