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Complete set contain 5 item :

  •  Vitamin
  •  Tonic
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  •  Frizz Me Not Serum

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1) What will i get in this Full Set?
There are 5 items in this set. You will get shampoo set 250ml, Conditioner 250ml, Tomic 30 ml and also Vitamin 60 tabs and 30ml Hair Serum. Our product and paraben and silicon free.

2) I have hair fall problem, it getting thinner and it took more time to grow it longer. Can this full set help?

Yes it can dear, in fact this full set in a whole treatment that you hair need inside out.


3) How long can I see the result?
This is based on individual’s reaction. But based on our experience, you will notice your first progress as early as 14 days. The most important thing is discipline and consistent. if you use this set for 1 month, and you stop, then u will never get your desire result as growing a hair is exactly like we growing a tree. it need the water and food everyday.


4) What are the advantages taking this full set compared to if I only use shampoo set or basic set only?
With this full set, this is a comprehensive treatment. Vitamins will detox and top up all the nutrients lost in your body, especially your hair roots. When your body and hair roots are healthy and strong, then only your hair loss will stop.With combination with the shampoo set sugardoll, this shampoo has charchoal ectract that will deep cleanse and detox your scalp and  the pores. Honestly, i ams ure you have been using all kinds of brands, your scalp is mixed with oil and dirt, the pores are definitely clogged. With the usage of the shampoo, then the absorption of the tonic will be maximum and better. So that’s why you will get better and faster results with this full set. The Hair Serum is to treat your hair ends and prevent it to split and become frizzy.


5) Is this safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers?
Yes it is safe. Vitamin sugardoll has kkm approved. Safe to use by pregnant mothers and breastfeeding mothers. In fact it will help you to boost your milk as well.


6) How long does this set last?
Shampoo and conditioner is for 4 months usage. Vitamins and tonics for 1 month usage. Frizz Me Not Hair Serum lasts 1-2 months usage.


7) How to use it?
Use hair shampoo once every 2 days. After shampooing, you need to apply a conditioner on the ends of the hair only. make sure it does not hit the scalp. After that, spray tonic on the scalp wile your hair is damp wet. Remember , to consume 2 tabs vitamins a day. You can take 1 pill before breakfast and 1 pill before bed or you can take 2 pills at once. Make sure you drink 2-3 liters of water a day to ensure the absorption process is maximum. For Frizz Me not Hair Serum, just apply 1-2 pump at your hair ends (can be apply in wet hair or dry hair)


8) Is the anything that i should avoid while taking this?
No dear. but if you are coffee drinker or a smoker. You need to ensure there is a gap in between. Suggestion,You can drink coffee in the morning, eat vitamins in the evening. If you have other supplements or herbs, make sure to leave a gap at least 3 hours between those supplements.


9) What is Frizz Me not for?
This is suitable for you who has a frizzy hair, brittle, very dry hair at the hair end. Usually, this kind of hair is very difficult to manage. This serum is not greasy at all and absorbs quickly. The smell is very fragrant.

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2 reviews for Full Set

  1. Mikayla

    I have using this for 2 years now. I love it. This full set being my favourite ever since the 1st time I tried. The shampoo smell so good even if I did not wash my hair for 3 days. The smell stayed !! The serum is wallah!! Make your hair shining yet not oily at all. Love love !! The vitamin n tonic helps me a lot in my hairfall and my hair become thicker and thicker . Justtt love this soo much !!!

  2. Herman

    Assalmualaikum, saya belikan isteri set ni. Ni nak masuk 3rd set dah. Saya sekarang suka pegang rambut isteri. Rambut die dah tak gugur. Dah boleh rasa rambut isteri tebal lebat sekarang. Dulu nipis je rasa sikit je.

    Anak rambut isteri keluar banyak. Yang paling best bau rambut isteri sentiasa wangi sepanjang hari. Walaupun isteri balik dari luar pun rambut dia tetap bau wangi.

    Sbb isteri jenis cepat berpeluh, jadi dulu rambut isteri cepat berminyak. Sekarang dah ok dah.

    Terima kasih

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